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Winona Pragdolls, CZ

Winona is a cat I was lookig for for two years. A seal bicolor lynx one with great pedigree lines, symetrical V and sweet face expression. She has very good profile with strong chin! Which is a great value in my breeding programme. All these features are soaked in soothing, friendly and calm ragdoll character. Despite all she is a bit different than other cats – a bit more curious, a bit more playful, a bit harder to get tired 😉

When she was born and her original Breeder was looking for a name on “W” letter I commented “Wish-to-be-mine”. I’m so lucky this dream came true.

Dear Milada – thank you for this amazing cat and for your trust.

EMS: rag n 03 21

DOB: 12.08.2020

Father: MarlCreek Jace
Mother: Amy Pragdolls, CZ

Health tests results:

HCM N/N(-)          PKD N/N(-)          blood group  A
fiv (-)                       felv (-)

PG Free

Pedigree: https://pawpeds.com/db/?a=p&id=1533218&g=4&p=rag&o=ajgrep

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Amy Pragdolls, CZ
MarlCreek Jace