Enti – Hodowla Ragdoll

About us

My name is Kamila, I live in Gdynia, Poland, where I run a small home breeding of Ragdoll cats. As far as I can remember, I had been spending time surrounded by cats.

Why Ragdoll?

At a cat show in Gdansk, a lady pulled a blue-gray giant out of the cage, who, with unmoved gentleness, gave in to lifting, stroking, watching through passers-by. I decided to take a bit of interest in this race. After six months, I received my first ragdoll from Lodz in pet option. My experiences with ragdolls: they have a very “dogish” character, they follow me step by step, they need contact with their human. They are exceptionally gentle, tender and loving.In addition – they do not jump over curtains and furniture – they are inherently “low-floor”.

Our Cattery – Organizational side

All cats and kittens in our cattery have a pedigree. All our cats are family members and are treated as such. With all its privileges, to a lesser extent duties;). We care about proper nutrition and comprehensive veterinary care. Breeding is free from genetic diseases (HCM, PKD) and viral diseases (FIV, FELV).

Enti*PL is registered in Cat Club Feniks under the patronage of Felis Polonia. FPL is the largest association of Clubs and Feline Societies in our country, as well as the only Polish member of the world’s largest Federation of Feline Fines (Federation Internationale Feline).

Link to the club: http://www.catclubfeniks.pl/hodowle/?kategoria=K1