Enti – Hodowla Ragdoll

CH Alisma Enti*PL

Cat lady that was born in our cattery, daughter of Lina. Champion girl.

Our beauty, which always looks great on pictures and movies. This lady with a sweet face and joyful eyes quickly affects everyone’s heart. She is a huge hug-doll 🙂. Loves the company of people and cats. She inherited the character from her mother, and her father’s incredible eye color. The girl, already as a tiny cat, presented a very good body building and interesting expression of her face (well-known breeders said that “she has something” with which we absolutely agree 🙂

At exhibitions, she won the recognition of judges with a beautiful eye color, proportionate build, velvet fur and a delightful character. She won the Champion title when she was 1 year and 2 months old. (DIPLOMA)

EMS / genetics: rag n 04 (BBDd or BbDd), mitted (S2s)

DOB: 04.08.2018

Father: Tobi Korund Eyes*PL
Mother: Lina von Werbellinsee


HCM N/N  (-)                 PKD N/N (-)              blood gr. A

fiv (-)
felv (-)

Gallery - Alisma Enti*PL

Show achievements:

Ex 1, CACIB           20.10.2019r.           Rumia          Judge: Mr. Marek Chadaj

Ex 1, CAC               19.10.2019r.           Rumia          Judge: Mrs. Jurgita Gustaitiene, IT                   CHAMPION

Ex 1, CAC               04.08.2019r.           Sopot           Judge: Mrs. Małgorzata Pruś

Ex 1, CAC               03.08.2019r.           Sopot           Judge: Mrs. Donatella Mastrangelo, IT

Ex 1                         10.02.2019r.           Gdańsk         Judge: Mr. Fabi Brambilla, IT                               kitten class

Ex 1                         09.02.2019r.           Gdańsk         Judge: Mr. Frensly A. (Lee) Selassa, NL            kitten class

Tobi Korund Eyes PL
Lina von Werbellinsee